Monitoring of Chlorophyll A in rivers

Chlorophyll is a parameter for rivers and lakes that causes increasing concern because of eutrophysation. Moreover, high concentrations cause difficulties for producing potable water. Thanks to fluorometry, reliable measurements without extraction can be made on site with the FL200-C fluorometer.

Very low maintenance (one visit every 2 weeks) is necessary with the automatic cleaning system. The integrated sampling pump and battery makes the FL200 a compact and easy-to-use system for field measurements.

The graphic display (on which are recorded the previous measurements) and the function keys make the FL200 user-friendly.

As the FL200 may be operated by an external 12V supply and has a very low consumption (idle mode between the measurements), solar panels may be easily used. Datalogging functions are integrated and the measurements can be transferred directly to Excel ® (or other worksheet) by the RS232 port. A phone modem may be added.