Continuous water analysis for process water control

Online analysis solutions for the control parameters of your process water

Accurate and reliable measurement

Expertise in the design of analyzers based on optical measurement methods

Low maintenance requirement

Design designed to limit clogging of the measuring cell. Automatic cleaning system. Automatic zero adjustment to avoid any drift in the measurement

Analyzers built to last

Unlike planned obsolescence, our devices are made to last, be easily maintained and repaired when necessary

Minimize your maintenance needs

A design that allows functional use on loaded waters

The use of large section pipes avoids the risk of clogging of the hydraulic system

Automatic cleaning system

Automatic cleaning of elements in contact with process water (measuring cells, hydraulic circuit) reduces the need for manual maintenance.


Long-term reliability of the measure

 Automatic zero adjustment.
Automatic calibration from a standard.
Control by the user of the frequency of these operations.

Discuss with our experts

30 min to study your project together in order to provide you with the online analysis solution suited to your needs. 100% free and without obligation.


In France and abroad

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Solutions adapted for each type of application

Potable water

Control of parameters relating to drinking water: ammonia, COD, nitrates, turbidity, hydrocarbons, etc.

Urban wastewater

Control of parameters relating to wastewater treatment: ammonia, nitrates, etc.

Industrial effluents

Control of potential pollutants: ammonia, hexavalent chromium, nickel, etc.

Industrial process water control

Quality control of process water and undesirable substances: ammonia, silica, etc.

Monitoring of potential pollutants: nitrates, ammonium, chlorophyll, etc.

Monitoring of potential pollutants: nitrates, ammonia, chlorophyll, etc.

Analysis of process water from exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS)

Integrated system for monitoring PAHs, pH and turbidity of wash water

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