The reliable and sustainable solution for continuous water analysis without intervention

Analyzers designed to guarantee accurate measurement in the long run with a limited need for maintenance.


Thanks to the measurement accuracy and the reliability of our devices, you can trust your monitoring systems

Expertise in the design of analyzers based on optical measurement methods

Pioneers and experienced: DTLI has more than 30 years of experience in UV-Visible and infrared spectroscopy.

Total technical mastery and integration

DTLI analyzers are designed from A to Z by our team, and assembled in France.

Many references in France and abroad

We have installed analyzers all over France as well as in more than 25 countries.

Contact our local partners

We work with partners worldwide to offer you a reliable service no matter where you are.
Let us know what you need and we will follow up with a custom quote from our local partner.

Minimize your maintenance needs

Analyzers designed for functional measurement of dirty water

 The use of large cross-section hoses avoids the risk of clogging of the hydraulic system.

Automatic cleaning system

Automated cleaning of elements in contact with process water (measuring cells, hydraulic circuit) reduces the need for manual maintenance.


Long-term reliability of the measurement

Automatic zero adjustment.
Automatic calibration from a standard.
Control by the user of the frequency of these operations.

Equip your facility for a long time with analyzers built to last

In contrast with planned obsolescence, our devices are built to last, to be easily maintained and repaired when needed.
Make significant savings in money and time over the long term.

Product design and component sourcing driven by sustainability

Make the long-term choice of robust analyzers designed to operate for 10 years and more.

Helpful and responsive support and maintenance service

Qualified specialists can be contacted directly by telephone to answer your questions.

2 years manufacturer’s warranty

See details in our sales terms.

Technology that suits your needs

Datalink Instruments develops custom solutions:

Adaptable technology

Our complete technological mastery allows us to adapt existing measurement processes or to automate standard methods of analysis

A R&D department that provides solutions to your specific needs

Our experts are driven by technical challenge to provide precise measurement adapted to specific needs.

Contact our local partners

Let us know what you need and we will follow up with a custom quote from our local partner.


In France and abroad

adapted Solutions for each type of application

Drinking water

Control of parameters relating to drinking water: ammonia, COD, nitrates, turbidity, hydrocarbons, etc.

Urban wastewater

Control of parameters relating to wastewater treatment: ammonia, nitrates, etc.

Industrial effluents

Control of potential pollutants: ammonia, hexavalent chromium, nickel, etc.

Industrial process water control

Quality control of process water and undesirable substances: ammonia, silica, etc.

Surface water monitoring

Monitoring of potential pollutants: nitrates, ammonia, chlorophyll, etc.

Water Monitoring System for Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS WMS)

Integrated system for monitoring PAHs, pH and turbidity of wash water

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