DTLI – French designer and manufacturer of online water analyzers.

Your partner for continuous water analysis

We Design, develop and manufacture THE analysis solutions that fit your needs

For specific needs and custom applications, Datalink Instruments specialists develop tailor-made solutions.

Discuss with our experts

You have a specific project: we offer you 30 minutes of advice to find the solution that suits your needs.

A know-how developed in France by a team on a human scale

From the development of automated measurement procedures to the assembly of the analyzers and their design, everything is done by our teams! Since 1994, we have developed measuring devices for several dozen different applications.

A company committed to serving our societies and the environment

Water is a key element of our social organizations. Ensuring the integrity and quality of our water resources while facilitating its management is therefore essential. Water is also the common denominator of all known life forms. Acting for the preservation of this natural resource is a strong motivation for our team. In order to act in coherence with this commitment, we work with a long-term perspective, by designing robust and durable devices, which can be maintained and repaired in the long term. With Datalink Instruments, forget fragile products and planned obsolescence!


In France and abroad

The choice of long-term performance, with minimum maintenance

Datalink Instruments has been committed for 30 years to developing and providing its customers with the solutions they need.

Technical expertise and mastery

By being as close as possible to our customers, we guarantee the suitability of our analyzers for the specific needs of each installation.

Sustainability and sustainability of maintenance

All our devices are designed to be robust, withstand the harsh conditions of installations for several years and be repairable.


A taste for technical challenge

Thanks to our technical expertise, our research and development capacity as well as our curiosity, we are able to develop tailor-made analyzers for specific needs.

AN experienced and committed team


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