UV 254 analyzer CT200

Online UV 254 analyzer based on UV absorbance measurement (SAC 254) to determine the concentration of dissolved organic matter (COD, TOC, etc.) in 20 seconds, with no reagent.

UV 254 analyzer CT200

Online UV 254 measurement

Measuring ranges:

  • 0-200 Abs / m (river, drinking water)
  • 0-1000 Abs / m (effluents, purification)

SAC254 measurement according to AFNOR NF T90-210 November 2018 and DIN 38404-C3 standards

Definition of correlation curves for the measurement of COD, TOC and BOD on your application.

Quick results : SAC COD / BOD / TOC measurement in 20 seconds without reagent

Long-term reliability of the measurement

UV SAC254 measurement technology.
Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.

Functional on dirty water

Large-section hoses limit the risk of clogging.
Optical turbidity compensation.

An UV 254 analyzer designed to be convenient in a day to day work environment

Rugged equipment

A robust conception suited for use in professionnal environment:

  • Solid cases
  • Resistant opening system
  • Display screen and mechanical keyboard can be used with gloves or with wet hands and are resistant to water splashes

Graphical display

  • Access of the measurement history as digital or graphical display.
  • Choose the display time range (hour / day / week / month / year)
  • Follow on-going measurement cycle.

Simple and convenient

Quick acces to main features:
  • Start a measurement
  • Stop on-going measurement cycle
  • Start / stop a cleaning cycle
  • Measurement history.
Easily measure any sample using a manual measurement through the sampling pump.

Adapted sampling system

Depending on the site configuration, choose a suitable sampling mode:

  • Solenoid valve (pressurized water inlet)
  • Peristaltic pump

Mains power supply / 12V battery

  • Mains connection for a fixed installation
    The internal battery makes the system resilient to power outages.
  • Operation on 12V battery for use on an isolated site (autonomy: approximately 100 measurements).


  • Recording of measurements with date and time on a static memory.
  • Capacity of 10,000 measurements.
  • RS232 port for serial communication
  • Data transfer to PC via an RS232-USB converter, in a format compatible with spreadsheet software (Excel, LibreCalc, etc.)

A cost-efficient solution for COD monitoring through UV 254 measurement


Very low operating cost and reduced need for maintenance

  • No reagent for the measurement.
  • No need for calibration solution.
  • Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.
  • Simple correlation curve setup from samples.

Equip your facility for a long time with analyzers built to last

In contrast with planned obsolescence, our devices are built to last, to be easily maintained and repaired when needed.
Make significant savings in money and time over the long term :


  • Product design and component sourcing driven by sustainability
  • Helpful and responsive support and maintenance service
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

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SAC254 analyzers designed to monitor SAC COD and manage water treatment in real time

Stormwater and river monitoring

  • Alert stations
  • Organic pollution detection

Drinking water production

  •  Monitor the organic load in raw water to adjust production processes accordingly
  • Control and optimize coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation treatment
  • Ensure the effectiveness of activated carbon filters and UV disinfection systems through UV COD measurement

Industry & Industrial effluent control

  • Monitoring and treatment automation : process control, outlet monitoring with bypass system in order to deflect the effluent from discharge in case of threshold overrun (to dilution or further treatment).
  • Control COD and organic load at the outler of the plant before discharge in natural environment
  • Dairy industry : effluent monitoring to avoid loss of product before sending them to the treatment plant

Treatment plants

  • Monitoring and treatment automation
  • Control before discharge

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