Online analysis of UV COD SAC254 – CT200 online analyzer

UV absorbance measurement (SAC 254) to determine the concentration of dissolved organic matter (COD, TOC, etc.) in less than a minute on any type of water, without the need for filtration.

Reliable measurement of dissolved organic matter

 Measuring ranges:
0-100 Abs / m (river, drinking water)
0-1000 Abs / m (effluents, purification)

SAC254 measurement according to AFNOR NF T90-210 November 2018 and DIN 38404-C3 standards

 Definition of correlation curves for the measurement of COD, TOC and BOD on your application

Quick results

Measure in 5 seconds

No reagent

Reliable long-term measurement

 Thanks to the automatic cleaning and zero adjustment systems, the measurement remains reliable over time.

Usable without filtration

No risk of clogging (simple hydraulic circuits and large section). Optical turbidity compensation

An economical measurement system


Very low operating cost and reduced need for maintenance

No reagent for the measurement. No need for calibration solution. Design designed to limit clogging of the measuring cell Automatic cleaning and zero correction system

Equip yourself for a long time: analyzers designed to last

 Choose the long term with robust analyzers to work for 10 years and more:

Product design and sourcing of components with a view to sustainability Support and maintenance service available and responsive 2 years warranty

Organic matter measurement suitable for monitoring and managing treatment in real time

For drinking water

 Raw water monitoring to adjust the treatment to the organic load

Monitoring and optimization of coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation treatment

Monitoring the effectiveness of activated carbon filters and UV disinfection systems

Stormwater and river monitoring

Industrial effluent control

Treatment plants

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