Phosphate analyzer – PCA200

Continuous phosphate analysis

Online measurement of phosphates by colorimetry in less than 3 minutes on any type of water, without filtration. 

Online measurement of phosphates

Measuring ranges:
0.02 – 1 mg / L (river, drinking water)
0.2 – 10 mg / L (industrial effluents, purification)

Colorimetric method for detecting very low concentrations

Quick results : Measurement in less than 3 minutes

Reliable long-term measurement

Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.
Automatic calibration from a standard.

Functional measurement of dirty water

The technology at several wavelengths allows the measurement of the dirty water without filtration. Large section hoses limit risk of clogging.

An economical measurement system


Very low operating cost and reduced need for maintenance


  • Save time and money automating your colorimetric analysis.
  • Automated cleaning system and zero adjustment.
  • Automatic calibration from a standard.

Equip your facility for a long time with analyzers built to last

In contrast with planned obsolescence, our devices are built to last, to be easily maintained and repaired when needed.
Make significant savings in money and time over the long term :

  • Product design and component sourcing driven by sustainability
  • Helpful and responsive support and maintenance service
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Measuring phosphates suitable for monitoring and managing treatment in real time

Potable water

Alert stations on rivers

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