Turbiggo – online turbidity meter

Rugged online turbidity analyzer.
Continuous measurement of Turbidity and Total suspended solids (T.S.S)

Reliable turbidity measurement for any type of application

 Measuring range: from 0.01 to 1000 FNU, adjustable depending on whether you want better precision at the low end or high end.

Continuous measurement through a flow cell, in accordance with standard NF-EN-ISO 7027

Reliable measurement without interference related to water color, thanks to the use of an infrared source

Measuring sensitivity suitable for drinking water applications

A wide measurement range which allows measurement of charged water

surface water and wastewater up to 1000 FNU.

Online turbidity measurement adapted to monitoring and management of water treatment in real time

Drinking water production

Rivers tracking

Treatment plants

Rain water monitoring

River alert stations

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SAC254, COD, BOD, COT, Color


Nitrates NO3-, total Nitrogen NOx


PAHs Hydrocarbons, Chlorophyll-A, fluoresceine, rhodamine, eosine,


Hexavalent chromium Cr6

phosphate analyzer PCA200

Phosphate analyzer

Colorimetric phosphate analyser PCA200-PO4


SAC254, COD, BOD, COT, Color, Nitrates NO3-, total Nitrogen NOx


pH, Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature


NTU Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids TSS


ammonium ions NH4+