Ammonia and ammonium monitoring are made simple with online ammonia analyzers for wastewater. These analyzers offer a reliable alternative to ISE analyzers : discover applications of our AM200 ammonium analyzer for wastewater monitoring.
A simple to use analyzer which needs no expensive reagent (only caustic soda) and requires low maintenance.

How to keep discharge water below the authorized ammonium concentration in wastewater ?
Online ammonium analyzers can be the key for realtime control on wastewater discharge quality.

Fertiliser factories which produce nitrogen-based fertilizers need often need to monitor ammonium in wastewater

Our application’s final customer is a global firm specialising in fertilisers, which has a plant producing mainly ammonium nitrate. It needs a reliable system to monitor ammonium in its waste water (around 200mg/L of NH 4+ ).
The waste water is discharged in the sewage network and then treated by a public utility company, which charges the client depending on factors including ammonium concentration.
The company needs to independently monitor the ammonium load of its effluent in order to challenge the data from the sewage company, therefore keeping control of both costs and processes.

Ensure to comply with wastewater disposal legislation with peace of mind thanks to reliable water monitoring systems

That company used to measure ammonium with an ISE (Ion Specific Electrode) analyser, which appeared not to be reliable.
Many tests were performed to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of DTLI’s AM200 ammonium analyzer, comparing the device’s results with laboratory measurements.
Eventually, the test results approved the reliability of AM200 analyzer for online ammonium monitoring, and an AM200 was installed at the discharge point of the facility.

Online ammonia analyzer for wastewater based on gas spectroscopy technology

ammonium monitoring instrument - AM200 ammonium analyzer

The AM200 ammonium analyzer measures ammonium (NH 4+ ) thanks to an innovative technology that uses gas spectroscopy :
For each measurement, the amount of NH 4+ within the sample is turned into ammonia gas (NH 3) in order to be analysed.

The analyzer is calibrated for a 0.2-1000mg/L NH 4+ measurement range.
It is housed in a small shelter where the sample is available at atmospheric pressure, after gross filtration in a small tank.

The AM200 collects each sample with its optional sampling pump.
It performs a measurement every 15 minutes and transmits the analysis result to a Distributed Control System (DCS) through its 4-20mA output.

The DCS activates an alarm at 80/90% of the range and the system has been designed to divert the water towards a side storage tank in case of threshold alarm activation.

Client feedback about our solution for ammonium monitoring

Besides the reliability of the measurement, the client appreciated that “the AM200 analyser is very simple to use, uses no expensive reagent (only caustic soda) and does not need much maintenance.”

AM200 in brief

  • Ammonium measurement range :
    • 0.1–20mg/L NH 4+
    • 0.2–1000 mg/L NH 4+
  • Measurement time : 3 minutes
  • Chemical self-cleaning system
  • Consumables : diluted caustic soda as a reagent and sulphuric acid for the cleaning system.

Need an ammonium monitoring system : go for online ammonium analyzer !

This application is one of the many examples of efficient ammonium monitoring in wastewater. Monitoring on clear water is also functional :
Our solution enable ammonium measurement in water and waste water in 3 minutes and without filtration.

For your projects involving ammonium monitoring, please contact us for more information. We will be happy to help you build the water monitoring solution that fits your needs best !