Online water analyzers

Continuous water monitoring solutions adapted for each type of application

Datalink Instruments' water analyzers & waste water analyzers

COD analyzer CT200

SAC254, COD, BOD, COT, Color

Nitrate analyzer NT200

Nitrate monitoring as nitrate NO3- / total Nitrogen NOx

Oil in water analyzer FL200

PAHs Hydrocarbons, Chlorophyll-A, fluoresceine, rhodamine, eosine,

Chromium analyzer CR200

Hexavalent chromium Cr6

phosphate analyzer PCA200

Phosphate analyzer PCA200

Colorimetric phosphate analyser PCA200-PO4


SAC254, COD, BOD, COT, Color, Nitrates NO3-, total Nitrogen NOx


pH, Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, Temperature

Online turibdity meter TURBIGGO

Turbidity analyzer for online turbidity measurment (NTU Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids TSS)

Ammonium analyzer AM200

Online ammonium analyzer.

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Our experts are driven by technical challenge to provide precise measurement adapted to specific needs.

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